A. Debt collection agencies (DCA’s) are companies, assigned by a provider, that specialize in collecting payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses.

A. Collection agencies are provided with the following information to help facilitate and support account resolution

  • Name and address
  • Contact number and/or email address
  • Account number
  • Total Debt Owed

A. Contact your supplier/provider and pay the amount owed or mutually come to a payment arrangement/agreement. In turn, the Supplier/Provider will issue a notification to the debt collection agency and cease any further action. If you have already received correspondence from the debt collector, Contact them directly to discuss the account. At Mercia Utility Services, we will offer support with resolving the account and getting you back in touch with your supplier/provider

A. Yes, the debt collector assigned by your energy supplier will be instructed to obtain a warrant of entry to gain access to your property for either, or both, of your electricity and gas meter(s) (whichever the supplier own/supplies). You do, however, have the right to request a local court for you to attend and contest the warrant application. This should be requested formally to your energy supplier and/or assigned debt collector.

A. Firstly, contact your supplier/provider. Once this has been done, contact the debt collector and provide proof that there is a dispute with the account e.g. reference numbers, valid documentation, etc. the account will then either be closed down with the debt collection agency if enough information is gathered, or until the supplier/provider issues them to do so.

A. There are a number of debt support charities and free debt advice services, these are detailed on our ‘Vulnerability and Ability to Pay’ page. We also have a dedicated customer support team available via our ‘Live Chat’ on this website or by phone on 01827 318 339 that are happy to discuss your account and situation and sign-post you in the most suitable direction.